Hand-printed with silkscreen onto 100% organic cotton and later hand-sewn.
The scarf depicts the Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery.

The animals surrounding the Lighthouse stand for different Scottish and Irish sea myths.

In December 1900 three
lighthouse keepers went missing
during their shift at the Flannan
Isles Lighthouse, located on the
island of Eilean Mor off the coast
of north-western Scotland.

Inside, the kitchen table was set
with plates full of food. The clock
was stopped, and there was an
overturned chair nearby. The lamp
was ready for lighting, and two
of the three oilskin coats belonging
to Thomas Marshall, James
Ducat, and Donald McArthur were
gone. The gate and door were
firmly shut.

But the lighthouse keepers were
nowhere to be found.

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